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Is there life after the Yellowstone Super Volcano?

Yellowstone is an amazing place filled with beauty, power, and pristine nature. There is no place like it.

What makes Yellowstone so unique? Many things, but the 35 - 45 mile Yellowstone Caldera (Supervolcano) geologists say was formed over three supervolcano eruptions that occurred long ago is one of them. Experts say that if a future eruption is similar to the prior ones, that lava flows probably wouldn't escape the park boundaries. However, the wind-flung ash could cover more than 500 miles!

Check out live science's article on what scientists say could happen with a future eruption:

In the novel The Hike, something happens at Yellowstone that unleashes a deadly yellow-orange fog that spreads across the nation. Only those in extreme circumstances are safe from the toxic cloud. The two surviving protagonists must trek across the desolate landscape to find other survivors and hope against hope that their own family found a way to survive.

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