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This Summer’s Apocalyptic Page Turner Released

Rozet, WY April 11, 2017: QT Fotography and Publishing announced the release of a novel The Hike: Survivors by Wyoming native Quentin Rogers. The fictional story intertwines zombie-like creatures and a teenage female protagonist into fast paced action taking place in and around the Big Horn Mountains due to an event with Yellowstone’s Super Volcano. The novel is written for young adult and older audiences that contains tactful references to homosexuality and some graphic descriptions of death and human-like creatures. However, the prose is surprisingly free of gore and foul language that is unique for this genre.

“I needed to tell a story that explored the strained relationship of a conservative father from the mid-west and his coming of age daughter where extreme events cause the two characters to learn that their faith in God and love for each other can overcome anything.”Quentin Rogers

Back Cover Description: A middle-aged father takes his thirteen-year-old daughter on a hike in the Rocky Mountains to recapture the relationship that he longed for, but an apocalyptic event caused them to set off on an adventure like no other. Makenzie Kincaid wanted nothing to do with the backpacking trip that her dad was forcing upon her. Things got worse than either of them could imagine after they had to spend the night on top of the mountain without shelter. On the way down the mountain from their harrowing adventure, they learn that everyone had died from an ominous orange fog that covered the landscape. Now Mackenzie and her father are left to trek across a wasteland hoping against hope that their family hadn’t succumbed to the mysterious orange fog. The duo find that there are other survivors, but they aren’t the same as they were before the fog...

Author Bio: Quentin Rogers was born in Wyoming as a fifth-generation resident to the wide-open spaces and energy industry that powered the nation. After a colorful childhood, Quentin attended the University of Wyoming and became an electrical engineer that took him to Nebraska to start his career. After a successful start in the electronics industry, he and his new family moved back home to Wyoming to work in the power industry as an engineer and leader. Quentin continues to enjoy creativity in many forms including photography, graphics design, problem solving as an engineer, and crafting tales of fiction by exploring dynamic characters in unique situations.

The novel is available in paperback and electronic form at Amazon. Learn more at the novel’s interactive blog at
Author and product photos also available for press purposes at the website.


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