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A Relationship

I'm blessed with two wonderful daughters and a younger son. My oldest has always been a Daddy's girl who enjoys many of the same things that I do, which has created a very special relationship between the two of us. However, as she's becoming a young lady, our relationship is changing faster than I sometimes know how to accept it.

While The Hike is a spirited adventure full of creatures and some macabre events, the main thread running through the story is how the bond of a father and his teenage daughter is stronger than either of them really know. The story opens with the father yearning to take his daughter on a wilderness hike where he thinks that if he can impart a kernel of wisdom and love in her heart, that their relationship can get partially back to where it once was.

Most of my strongest childhood memories with loved ones and friends were made in the woods. There is something about backpacking above timberline with a good friend or casting a fishing line in an upper glacial lake with your cousin that creates a lifelong bond. In the novel, the father is sure that he can rekindle that relationship if he can get his daughter away from worldly influences and into the beauty of the Big Horn mountains.

Unfortunately, apocalyptic events cause the relationship building to become fast tracked in extraordinary circumstances as the orange fog rolls in.

While not fully publicized yet, the novel The Hike is available at Amazon in paperback and e-book. You can also register to win an autographed copy by signing up for QT Fotography's e-mail list and sharing the post on Facebook.

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